Report Shows Continued Growth for Mobile Email

A new report from Movable Ink was released recently, showing what many experts in the industry are already at least partially aware of: mobile email is growing in popularity, which more consumers using devices like smart phones and tablets to as their primary web access. The report found, most interestingly, that brand emails are being opened on mobile devices at a rate of 61%.

Movable Ink US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q3 2013, Email Opens By Device

The report also found that in general, smartphones are the more popular way to read emails; 45.5% of all emails are being read on people’s phones, according to the study. Desktop computers came in at a solid second place with 39.1% of emails being viewed. Tablets, while coming in third at 15.29%, are expanding their reach with each successive report that looks at the state of the market—and as more and more tablet devices come out, experts are expecting that number to continue to grow as the numbers of those accessing the internet via more traditional desktops wanes.

The report also looked at how much time people are spending on each message; people using Android phones, for example, spend the greatest amount of time on each message—with 50.5% of them spending 15 seconds or more per message. Among iPhone users, only 39.5% spend as much time, while iPad consumers spend the least amount of time; some 41.3% of users spend 0-3 seconds on emails on average.

The report is not necessarily surprising in its findings, but it’s another bit of evidence that points to the growing importance of a mobile strategy. Not only do marketers need to make sure that their email looks good across mobile devices, but also that any links within the email are easy to use—and that the pages they link out to look good. This has bearing for the whole industry; as mobile market penetration increases, many of the comfortable skills and designs are no longer going to be valid.

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