CrushAds is Blowing Up!

We wanted to take a moment from providing you with great industry news and information to congratulate our CrushAds team, and welcome our new team members.

CrushAds has been growing steadily, and the last quarter saw a ton of new faces added to the team; we’re proud to have a group of enthusiastic, dedicated new employees to help manage accounts and take care of all of the business that CrushAds is generating. Last year, our team showed our publishers and advertisers alike what we meant when we say that we crush the competition, which is why we’ve expanded the team: considering what we were able to accomplish last year, we’re going to explode this year with the new talent we’ve added!

We also wanted to congratulate the whole team on the fact that January is shaping up to be our strongest month ever—blowing every other month out of the water. We’re all sure that CrushAds is going to go from success to success this year. Look out 2014: CrushAds is here to dominate!

If you aren’t already working with CrushAds, this is the year to get in. Contact our team today and let’s talk about doing some business.

Here’s to a Prosperous New Year

By Ashley Dull

This year has been the best for Crush Ads yet and we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us! On that note, we want to thank our clients for all that you’ve done for us in 2013 to help our business grow and succeed. From all of us at Crush Ads, we hope that 2014 brings lots of good fortune and wish you a happy, healthy and profitable New Year!

happy new year Crush

Affiliate Marketing Can Improve Your ROI

By Austin Lovvorn

One of the most efficient ways for marketers to generate online traffic is through the use of affiliate marketers.  Affiliate marketing is meeting the needs of today’s online shoppers while driving sales for online retailers.  The affiliate channel attracts consumers who spend more than the average online shopper and are profitable for advertisers.  Affiliate marketing also offers help trigger brand reconsideration and often times close the sale for online shoppers.    Anytime the affiliate channel is promoted, it has a positive effect on the advertisers brand reputation and loyalty.

So how can an affiliate network improve your ROI?  First off, make sure your commission structure is aligned with the current growth of the objectives with your business.  Since commission rates tend to be one of the major components, it’s important to monitor which product categories are most profitable.  Also, it is extremely important to set goals and objectives in order to grow in that particular area of the business.

You should always use a trusted affiliate network as the platform to launch and build your affiliate program.  Using a reputable affiliate network is the best way to ensure the publishers are paid accurate commissions for the advertisers they work with.  It is also very important to have affiliated tracking software that can handle monthly payments and reporting/question requests.  Your affiliate site should also have an affiliate portal where tools are available to the advertisers to view different aspects of their campaigns in real time.

CrushAds is Announced Top 10 CPA Network!!!

The Performance Marketing Insider has announced their Top 10 CPA Networks Survey for the Winter 2012, drum roll please…… CrushAds is one of them! The survey has been done for the last 10 years, but only the leaders of the industry make it to top!

We may be a new network, but we have no time to waste and are eager to be #1! Special thanks to our talented team and the affiliates, marketers and industry execs who voted for CrushAds! Here’s to another successful year ahead! Now, that’s what you call a #WinningCPAnetwork

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