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I have been running with crushads for a few months now. Positive experience so far! My AM at crush is Michael Kacerosky, and he is great. Easy to work with, lets me know when cap comes in on offers I am interested in. Remember's offers I run on other networks and lets me know when you guys get it direct or at a better payout. Also has a very high success rate on the offers he recommends to test for my various lists. – Some Guy
I love CrushAds, and Chris is my favourite AM off all time :-) – Another Guy
Love Crush, been with them for a few months. Great in every aspect so far. Tracking solid, make goods when needed, and hooked me up with weekly payouts. Mike K my AM is awesome, and really glad I gave in to Erin's persistent efforts to get me on board. Sky is the limit with Crush!! – Maybe a Girl
I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Crush but Im glad I did!! Ive been with them for about a year and even though I'm not their top dog, I'm still treated as such. Chris is the man. He always keeps me abreast of whats trending and really takes care of me. I would trust him with my Cousin's Brother's Uncle's First Born! That says allot! Ill never forget the party they threw last year in Vegas (Major kudos) and look forward to doing it again. If you’re not with Crush, get with the program. Tell them you want Chris as your AM and tell them Bfons sent you ;-) – A. Stranger