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Crush Ads is a semi-private network that focuses on driving high quality traffic. We understand the delicate balance between advertisers and publishers and by focusing on eliminating fraudulent traffic we are able to increase ROI across the board. Fraudulent traffic drives payouts down by lowering the overall profitability of advertisers’ campaigns and hurts legitimate publishers as much as it hurts the advertisers. Higher ROI for our advertisers allows them to give our publishers higher payouts and stable campaigns.

To make this a reality, Crush Ads has a ZERO TOLERANCE fraud policy. We utilize FraudLogix, a complete affiliate fraud detection suite, that actively monitors 100% of our traffic in real time. We also work very closely with our advertisers and publishers to monitor traffic streams and ensure that recycled leads and other fraudulent tactics are not being used.

We believe that the best preventative measures are taken before the publishers are even allowed access to the network. Before a publisher is given our actual sign up link, they must go through a rigorous interview process. This interview process requires either a referral from an existing publisher or two references from other networks that will verify they are not only working with them but also sending quality traffic. If a publisher is able to provide this to us we will then schedule a phone interview to determine if they are a good fit for the network. This exclusivity ensures that our publishers who work so hard to drive their traffic are protected.